XVII Międzynarodowego Biennale Krajobrazu “Definicja Przestrzeni / Space Definition 2016”

The Art Exhibition Bureau in Kielce (BWA Kielce) and Polish Art Photographers Union – Świętokrzyskie Branch invited photographers from all over the world to take part in the photo competition SPACE DEFINITION.
SPACE DEFINITION – photos touching various spaces: classic landscape and nature, space where people are living: urban, industrial and also private, individual space.

Zaproszenie awers SPACE DEFINITION Kielce 2016_

In this competition took part 188 artists with 705 photos and 5 video. The jury accepted only 93 photos and 3 video from 72 artists.

The jury selected two of my works:


Slonne Landscape

16 slonne landscape

Slonnne at night, Mixed Media on canva, 50×50 cm, 2016

Slonne is a small village near the river Sun and near the city Przemysl in Poland. Since year I spend there in summer two weeks for a art symposium / plenair organized by BWA Przemysl.

Paintings 2016

neue Serigrafien